Patreats Boutique

Soaps that keep you clean one wash at a time!

Picture this ~ you wake up to a shower with a lemongrass fragrance to start the day and go to bed with the aroma of lavender. Oh! Don’t forget the oats and honey! 🍯. 

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About Us

Patrice Petersen

Soap Maker

Hi!! My name is Patrice! I was raised in the Virgin Islands but relocated to Maryland in 2012. Fast Forward~ During my months at home (pandemic), I’ve explored & learned so much! I basically turned into DIY-er and I love it! I started soap as another project but it quickly became something I enjoyed doing. 

Why Choose Us?

Patreats Boutique started during the pandemic. I became a do-it-yourselfer & it feels amazing. I had time & I found opportunities. I came across soap-making and made it my next project and well here I am.  I want your experience with me to be a pleasant one. I do use melt and pour soap base but I plan to learn & grow more. I have researched & will continue researching because I want to ensure you are in good hands with quality products that you can love & feel good about. If you are not happy with my product it is my guarantee to work together for a mutual resolution or provide a refund. I just ask that you provide feedback. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 😊. 

“I used the oatmeal one... I think.. I like that one! It’s a nice exfoliating soap 💣!!”


Omggggg that lemon grass hand soap smells soooooooo good.... I love it. I'm washing my hands for no reason... lol

Thank you!

Shenice David


Pickup or Delivery in the D.C., Maryland, & Northern Virginia area. 

Silver Spring, MD